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Meet the Yoni Family

Yoni means, women, womb, life-giver, heart of the home, mother, protector, the list goes on…

When I discovered my passion for making soap, I wanted to produce the cleanest and the purest soap I could make, because of my love for my family.

In 2020, we started Yoni's Essential Soaps to serve shoppers from around the world. Our Palm-Free Boutique Handmade Soaps Store was born from the desire to live sustainably and positively impact the Earth by supporting responsible consumption and reducing waste in people's daily lives.

As an extension of my love for my family I now make soap for the public consumer with the same zeal and passion as I make soap for my family.

So, welcome to the Yoni family!! Check out our catalogue of products and make a purchase today. Join our community of environmentally aware customers and be the first to know about New Releases and Products when they are available.




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